Ismail Alan inspecting one of the wells that Darussunnah Foundation dug with donations from people in Sweden.

Darussunnah Foundation distributing food to the needy.

People gathering to eat from the Agheeqah of a boy in Sweden.

Poor people enjoying a meal payed by a donor.

Poor people enjoying a meal, provided by Darussunnah Foundation, during Eid al-Fitr.

We provide among the finest sheeps for Udhiyyah

Bringing joy and education to the children of Malawi.

A place of worship and education, Darussunnah Mosque, the first mosque built by Darussunnah Foundation.

A whole village under water during the rainy season.


$ 3000  for one well

Water is an essenital part of human life. Many of us don't even think of water being a scarcity as we live in well developed countries where water is being provided by a well functioned government. Unfortunatley this is not the reality for many people in poor and undeveloped countries. For peope living in these countries water, and especially clean water, is a scarce commodity that they have to struggle to find. For many people living in rural Malawi the only source of water are wells they have to digg and many times these wells are located far away from their houses, sometimes in other villages. Making them have to walk far distances just to get some water to drink.

By making a donation you will help these people to gain access to water and helping them to survive in their struggle.

To digg wells is expensive in Malawi due to the depth of the natural ground water, therefore it costs a lot more than in other countries. There is a dire need for wells in Malawi and the people are suffering a lot. Even if you can't donate for a whole well by your self, you can participate in paying for a well with others that donate. As soon as we receive 3000 $ we will digg a well and continuous digg wells as the donations are recieved.

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$ 5 for one day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for one person

Proper food is a luxury many people in Malawi can't afford. Meat and poultry are commodities many malawians only eat once or twice a year and only during larger celebrations. Many times they lack basic food such as cooking oil, rice, sugar and other commodities.

By making a donation you can help us to fund the poor people to get proper nutrition.

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$ 100 for one sheep

Aqeeqah is an act of worship that every parent has to do to show their gratitude towards Allah 'azza wa jall for the blessings of having a child.

Having your child's aqeeqah done in Malawi won't only fulfill your duty towards Allah 'azza wa jall, you will also provide the poor and needy with food and blessings.

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Kaffarah / Fidiyah

$ 3.1 / day

Darussunnah Foundation will hand out your Kaffarah/Fidiyah to the poorest of people.

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Zakat al-Fitr / Zakat al-Maal  

$ 2,8 / person   2020 / 1441 Ramadan

Darussunnah will hand out your Zakaat to the poorest of people. But make sure to pay the Zakaat al-Fitr at least two days before Eid al-Fitr, so we have time to buy and hand out the food in due time.

You can pay your Zakaat al-Maal at any given time. Write "Maal" in the transaction.

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$ ?   2020 / 1441 Ramadan

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the Hajj-season of 1441 (2020) might be suspended. We will therefore update with the prices as soon as and if the Hajj-season starts.

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School fees and transportation

$ 100 for one pupil's school fees during one semester

Many children in Malawi can't go to school due to the lack of funds for the school fees. And without proper education they won't be able to persue further education when they grow up and thus get stuck in poverty. Education is one of the key aspects of combating poverty and therefore it is a priority for us to support young boys and girls to go to school and get education.

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$ what you can

Many worshippers in Malawi have no access to mosques. Many times they pray the congregation prayer either on open fields or under trees during the heat of the summer.

Buy making a donation you will help these people to have a place of worship and also be immensley rewarded, The Prophet Muhammed, may Allahs peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.”

There is also opportunity for those who wants to build a whole mosque by themselves. The sizes of our mosques ranges betweem very small (room for 50 worshippers) to big (room for 400 worshippers and upwards. Starting  price is $7000 for a very small and upwards depending on the size and design of the mosque.

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Natural disasters

$ what you can

Malawi is a country that is regularly struck by natural disasters, mainly floods, during the rainy season.

Due to many houses being built by poor building materials many are left with ruined houses, many times whole villages are flooded. Without shelter these people are left to the forces of nature, being exposed to danger both from the weather and the wildlife.

With your donation we provide shelter to those struck by natural disasters as well as providing post-catastrophy aid and reconstruction.

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Sweden: +46 70 493 94 12
KSA: +966 583 066 330
Malawi: +265 99 837 4200

Opening Hours in Malawi

Saturday to Thursday: 10AM to 4PM

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